K9 Clinical Hydrotherapy CPD Overview

This new FREE CPD resource offers you 30 hours of certificated study.

Disclaimer: This is not a license or qualification to practice, it’s CPD study only.

L4 Diploma in Canine Clinical Hydrotherapy

This exciting new qualification meets current needs of canine hydrotherapists and progresses clinical skills to offer the optimum care to dogs. Do you want to shape the future of K9 hydrotherapy?

Online CPD Courses

Quality Licence Scheme Irvap Endorsed

 These exciting short courses empower you to review and advance your canine clinical skills.

Our innovative online experience includes – our unique K9 instructional technical videos, downloadable PDFs, scripted lessons, templates, workbooks, quizzes, video links and access to our chat space for  support and a friendly place to link up with like minded therapists. A CPD certificate is issued on successful completion of the set course assignment, which is optional.

first aid to dog

Award in Canine First Aid + Health Checks

At QLS Level 3 – 18 course hours

This CPD refresher course is ideal for therapists to review, update and advance their canine first aid and health check skills. This aims to be proactive and keep dogs safe in professional practice. Being prepared for action in complex clinical situations or an emergency, ensures the best care for dogs.

Award in Canine Hydrotherapy Water Management

At QLS Level 3 – 12 course hours

This useful refresher course for therapists, updates canine water management skills. Achieving high quality balanced and safe water is essential for safe practice. Effective problem solving for complex challenges is key for water management quality assurance in canine clinical hydrotherapy.

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  • Certificated Bitesize CPD Courses: Designed to advance your clinical skills at your own pace.
  • Innovative Template Toolbox: Filled with resources to streamline your practice and improve your client interactions.
  • Video Toolbox and Articles + Journals: Explore a wealth of additional resources including insightful videos, articles and journals to stay updated.
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“A big thank you to Barbara and Sarah who hosted a very informative and personalised CPD day. Currently specialising in veterinary physiotherapy, I plan to broaden my skill set to eventually offer hydrotherapy services and given the fantastic reputation that Barbara and the team have, I wanted to make sure I trained with the best! I wasn’t disappointed!

The day had been carefully planned and tailored to suit my experience, including 1-on-1 tuition which was hugely beneficial. The knowledge and enthusiasm that Barbara has, and kindly shares is phenomenal, a truly inspirational professional! I highly recommend the training provided to anyone of any level, I will certainly be returning to further my experience.”

Danielle Everett, Veterinary Physiotherapy Services, UK.

“K9HS provided me with a unique learning experience whilst completing my L3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy. The online modules meant that I could study at my own pace, whilst still having the benefit of support via the online forum or email.

The practical days were tailored really well to each students individual needs, being well structured and informative. As a Veterinary Physiotherapist this course built on my existing knowledge without repeating content I was already confident with and, having now achieved my certificate, allows me to add another dimension to rehabilitation plans for my patients!”

Karen Goodall Veterinary Physiotherapy, South Yorkshire, UK.

“I completed my L3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy studies with K9HS. Barbara is so professional, knowledgable and experienced. She has guided me through the course with valuable and constructive feedback.

It’s well structured and the online content is very informative and useful in preparing me for the practical training. I completed this part with Karynne from K9 Aqua in Auckland, New Zealand. She has shared so much knowledge, techniques and skills with me and had lots of opportunities to learn from different cases. Both the theory and practical content of this course has empowered me to be a professional canine hydrotherapist.

It’s a very enjoyable learning experience with K9HS, thanks again to Barbara and Karynne.”

Audrey Li, K9 Aqua Ltd., New Zealand.

“I recently had another brilliant CPD day at K9HS.

Barbara was brilliant and tailored my day around the learning that I wanted to achieve for my own professional development. I learned some new underwater techniques and the clinical reasoning behind those techniques. It was also a very good refresher on Therapeutic Handling and how we can use Therapeutic Showering treatment techniques as part of the hydrotherapy treatment.

I would thoroughly recommend K9HS for anyone wanting gold standard training and I will definitely be booking again.”

Lynda Lucas Canine Hydrotherapist, Greenstead Green Canine Hydrotherapy, Essex, UK.

“The first aid refresher course was a great way to update my first aid knowledge, it was easy to follow and so convenient by being an online course. I really enjoyed it and will definitely use K9HS courses again.”

Sarah Grimsey, Canine Hydrotherapist at Country Boarding Kennels, UK.

“This is the first time that I have updated my first aid using an online format as opposed to attending the course in person. The course is extremely user friendly and caters for all different learning styles. The videos delivering the practical elements of the course are very clear and make it easy to demonstrate the same techniques at home. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to fit a course in and around clinics and family life but this course you can break down into smaller chunks very easily and track your progress. Once completing the course you can widen your knowledge with further reading and also introduce protocols for your own clinic/set up. I certainly did not have nearly enough of the recommended items to make a well stocked canine first aid kit.”

Avril Coleman, Veterinary Physiotherapist BSc(Hons), PgCertSART, MIRVAP(VP)(ICH), Animo, Kent, UK.

“I found the short course on Canine Natural Balanced Motion extremely in-depth, comprehensive and well structured – a really enjoyable learning experience with such feedback which in itself is so important.

Highly recommend this course.”

Jill Gunn, JG Canine Physiotherapy, UK.

“K9HS courses have quite simply re-ignited my passion in my work. As a hydrotherapist for many years, I have always felt that there could be better ways of providing therapeutic care; looking at the whole dog, to help achieve comfort physically and emotionally, in the most natural way possible – this is exactly what Barbara and K9HS have helped me to do.

Having avidly watched Barbara’s K9HS YouTube presentations I have been both inspired and empowered to learn more … and more! Barbara’s wealth of knowledge and experience is evident, plus her clarity and enthusiasm in delivering the information makes learning a pleasure!

K9HS share skills to offer a far superior therapeutic service to the dogs in my care. The positive results are evident, for the dogs and for my business. Thank you.”

Helen Rowley Canine Hydrotherapist, RVN; MIRVAP (MT)(ICH), CanineKinetics, Market Drayton, UK.

“I completed the level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy with K9HS, having worked as a veterinary nurse in a clinic who had recently installed a hydrotherapy pool. The online learning was great as I could complete it at home in Dublin and fit it in around my own working schedule.

The course layout is very clear and although I don’t have the strongest IT skills it was very easy to understand and submit my work. The course content was extremely in-depth and you cover a broad amount of topics from anatomy to administration.

Barbara was always swift to reply with any concerns I had. The practical days were both interactive and enjoyable, it was invaluable meeting such like minded people on the course. It was a great experience and has added valuable knowledge that I apply in everyday work as a nurse.”

Anna Butterly RVN, Canine Hydrotherapist, Ireland.

“Firstly being a member of IRVAP I was able to do my refresher Canine First Aid course as an online experience. I was concerned about missing out on the practical side during these covid times but pleasantly surprised in how the course was delivered.

I was pleased to be able to download and print off all the First Aid booklets from the course which I’ve found a great resource for my clinic. The first aid practical sessions were led with clear, concise, instructional videos. I could pause and play these over and over again to make sure I had carried it out correctly and understood the information.

Putting together an annotated storyboard, with directions for each step of the first aid process was really helpful to reinforce my practical skills. I would highly recommend it for all therapists.”

Tracey J Dempsey, Downward Dog Physiotherapy for Humans and Hounds, Newquay, Cornwall, UK.

“I recently undertook a refresher course in water management feeling the need to update these vitally important skills. The course was in-depth and explored the importance of such testing and the necessity of proper hygiene and safety in the work-place. Barbara was incredibly patient, supportive and helpful throughout the whole course. The course was easy to follow and super helpful.”

Luke Mulholland Canine Hydrotherapist, Aqua Dog Hydrotherapy & Recreational Centre, Northern Ireland.

Take it from one who was fortunate enough to find these wonderful people. If you’re passionate about helping dogs and you feel it’s your calling to be a Hydrotherapist, you’ll want/need to get the best training possible.

The best you can get is with K9HS. It’s not just the coursework. You’ll be in the pool learning hands on from the most qualified, inspirational and passionate instructors to be found anywhere. K9HS is the gold standard in Hydrotherapy training. Trust me. I was a student and now I have my own centre. Prepare to be inspired!

Derek Richards, Hollywood Houndz Hydrotherapy Services, UK.

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