Accredited courses for canine therapists

Empowering you to advance your skills and knowledge through gold-standard training, both online and in-person, so you can learn at your pace and on your terms.


Using the latest technology and training strategies, we bring you double accredited online courses and a suite of canine hydrotherapy in-person courses, making it easy for you to get certified wherever you are.


Available Courses

Advanced Canine Hydrotherapy Treatment Techniques


This new online course empowers you to advance your practical skills by learning the latest advanced hydrotherapy treatment techniques through a variety of video styles, case studies and guided practical tasks. Advance your clinical skills and offer the best possible treatment to the dogs in your care.

Canine First Aid + Health Checks


This new online course is the perfect canine first aid refresher and offers the essentials to keep dogs safe, as well as expanding skills and confidence to take appropriate action in emergency situations. Health checks training ensures you offer the best care to the wonderful dogs in your life (and work!).

Certificate in Hydrotherapy for small animals

LEVEL 3 – 29 credits

This accredited ABC Awards course is the established gold standard training for canine hydrotherapy. Our new modular course is perfect for veterinary professionals and those new to the sector. Included is our in-person practical training led by physiotherapist instructors specialising in hydrotherapy.

Coming Soon

Dogs in natural balanced motion


Reviewing canine biomechanics and functional anatomy to optimise the dog’s movement and activities. Ideal for therapists and trainers wishing to advance their knowledge and understanding.

Water management + problem solving for canine therapists


The latest information and top tips on water management including analysis, evaluation and solutions to achieve effective biosecurity and water quality for safe canine hydrotherapy practice.

Common canine conditions


Advancing knowledge on a wide range of musculoskeletal, medical, orthopaedic and neurological canine conditions, including clinical signs and management strategies. Ideal for therapists involved in canine rehabilitation.

NEW Level 4 Diploma in Canine Hydrotherapy


This new ABC Awards qualification will be launched in spring 2019. It will have a modular format for you to progress your canine hydrotherapy knowledge, understanding and clinical skills. You choose which module you wish to study and the time frame you need to build the modules and achieve your full award.

 The Level 4 Diploma is the perfect course for holders of the ABC awards Level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy aspiring to advance their practice for the dogs in their professional care.

Who we are

We’re a team of passionate and qualified physiotherapists looking to make complex topics and training more accessible through online and in-person education.

Listening to David Attenborough’s eloquent words as I watched a determined male Sloth swim across the water in order to find his future mate in high-definition detail, I jumped up and had an a-ha! moment.

I was watching Blue Planet on the BBC and wondered to myself,

how could we bring this kind of beautiful immersive learning to hydrotherapy and physiotherapy?

The music, visuals, and narration were bringing us along a story that was so absorbing and gripping; I was immediately inspired.  What if we could make learning feel less like a textbook, and more like an episode of Blue Planet?

How could we really reach people and touch their hearts, while also teaching scientific concepts and practical information? While we’re no David Attenborough, and we certainly don’t have a BBC budget, all of our courses have been created with your learning experience in mind.

We’re a team of dog-loving humans behind the screen, and we’re aiming to bring you an online course experience unlike any you may have taken before. We help you advance your canine career pathway by offering you a choice of courses to evolve and further develop your practice.


Look behind the scenes of successful practice

Each course includes access to our interactive members-only discussion area where you’ll get access to exclusive resources, conversations, and a behind the scenes look at what it takes to build a successful practice.

Join our founder Barbara Houlding via live virtual office hours each month, so you can ask questions, connect, and come away with new insights to help you build your practice.

Barbara ran an exceptional workshop here in New Zealand for a group of our Veterinary Physiotherapists from NZAVPA (the New Zealand Animal and Veterinary Physiotherapy Association). Barbara overflows with her anatomical, functional biomechanical and neuromotor knowledge, her vast wealth of experience and contagious enthusiasm whilst always making sure the animal’s welfare and best interest is at the centre of all that she does, whether that’s teaching or in her own practice.

We experienced some very positive and deeply emotionally charged connections and interactions with our demo dogs as Barbara taught us her canine Therapeutic Handling techniques.

We hope she comes back to New Zealand again soon!
Sarah Cruickshank, MScVetPhys, BHSc (Physiotherapy), MPNZ, ACPAT Cat A (Overseas), MCSP, HCPC, Chair NZAVPA
Director Vetphysio Ltd & VSA Physio
Principal Veterinary Physiotherapist

Learn from the comfort of your home

Our courses include a series of Canine Technical Videos (K9TVs) that share moment by moment practice and top tips along with a wealth of information and resources for you to progress your practice.

Our in-person courses have practical elements at two leading UK rehabilitation centres providing you with an amazing range of dogs to work with in our specialist veterinary physiotherapy clinics.

K9HS is an ABC Awards approved centre granted with “direct claims status” due to our continual achievement of being identified as outstanding and excellent in all areas. We are the professionals who train professionals and we wish to share our successes with you.

These courses are designed to be super convenient and fit around your work and home commitments. There are no additional costs for travel, hotels, resources, course materials, and there are no worries about being away from your busy practice, as everything is provided for you at your fingertips. 




Meet Barbara Houlding

As an accredited clinical educator, lecturer, canine physiotherapist and advanced hydrotherapist, I help canine therapists realise their development potential and support their practice.

My vision is to positively support and mentor canine centred practitioners who care for dogs. I am passionate about helping you discover opportunities for growth and success, whether you’re new to this industry or an experienced therapist.

I believe in sharing advanced clinical skills and assisting you to optimise your canine services and make every therapeutic touch count.

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