K9 courses &  CPD training

We improve dog’s health with training and courses for therapists, wanting to optimise K9 balance and mobility.

Our K9 Therapy Hub, Ofqual courses and CPD experiences are perfect to advance clinical and therapeutic skills.


We help you advance your canine skills to optimise the wellbeing, mobility and abilities of each dog in your professional care, wherever you are. Choose from our Ofqual regulated courses, endorsed QLS and IRVAP accredited courses, for high quality clinical skills experiences.




These exciting short courses empower you to advance your canine clinical skills. Our innovative online experience includes – our unique K9 instructional technical videos, downloadable PDFs, scripted lessons, video links, templates, workbooks, quizzes and access to our online K9HS Community. CPD Certificates are issued on completion of the course assignment.


Award in Canine First Aid + Heath Checks 

QLS Level 3 – 18 course hours

This CPD refresher course is ideal for therapists to review, update and advance their canine first aid and health check skills. This aims to be proactive and keep dogs safe in professional practice. Being prepared for action in complex clinical situations or an emergency, ensures the best care for dogs and owners.

Award in Canine Hydrotherapy Water Management

QLS Level 3 – 12 course hours

This great refresher course for therapists, updates canine water management skills. Achieving high quality balanced and safe water is essential for safe practice. Effective problem solving for complex challenges is key for water management quality assurance in canine hydrotherapy.


Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy

Level 3

This Ofqual regulated SEG Awards Certificate requires successful completion of 10 Units, totalling 330 guided learning hours.

1st February 2024 – We have closed new registrations for this course and will have an update for you soon.

Diploma in Canine Hydrotherapy


The Diploma is an Ofqual regulated SEG Awards qualification for therapists to progress their skills from the Level 3 Certificate.

1st February 2024 – We have closed new registrations for this course and will have an update for you soon.


Canine Practice Support

All our registrants have access to our inner K9HS Community, a vibrant and friendly space sharing exciting resources and conversations.

Join Barbara in virtual office hours, to ask questions and get actionable insights.

Who we are

We are a small team of passionate physiotherapists and advanced hydrotherapists, looking to make complex topics and training more accessible through online and in-person training.

Listening to David Attenborough’s eloquent words, whilst watching a determined male Sloth swim across the water to find his future mate in high-definition detail, inspired a “a-ha” moment.

Watching Blue Planet and wondering how to bring this beautiful immersive learning experience to canine therapy, health care and wellbeing?

The music, visuals and inspirational “story telling” narration took the observer on a learning journey, which was totally absorbing and gripping! What if we could make canine clinical skills training feel like an episode of Blue Planet?

How could we reach those working with dogs and share skills in this mindful and heartfelt way? Whilst we are no David Attenborough and do not have his filming budget, we have created K9HS training opportunities specifically with you in mind.

We’re a team of dog-loving humans behind the screen, aiming to bring you an online training experience unlike any you may have taken before. Our K9 Therapy Hub and courses include unlimited access to our vibrant, friendly and resource packed inner community. We help you advance your canine clinical skills, through an amazing choice of canine focussed CPD courses and support you as part of our inner K9HS community.

German shepherd Dog lying

What others are saying

“Barbara ran an exceptional workshop here in New Zealand for a group of our Veterinary Physiotherapists from NZAVPA (the New Zealand Animal and Veterinary Physiotherapy Association). She overflows with her anatomical, functional biomechanical and neuromotor knowledge, her vast wealth of experience and contagious enthusiasm whilst always making sure the animal’s welfare and best interest is at the centre of all that she does, whether that’s teaching or in her own practice.

We experienced some very positive and deeply emotionally charged connections and interactions with our demo dogs as Barbara taught us her canine Therapeutic Handling techniques. We hope she comes back to New Zealand again soon!”

Sarah Cruickshank, MScVetPhys, BHSc (Physiotherapy), MPNZ, ACPAT Cat A (Overseas), MCSP, HCPC, Chair NZAVPA
Director Vetphysio Ltd & VSA Physio
Principal Veterinary Physiotherapist

Learn from the comfort of your home base

The K9 Therapy Hub aims to support therapists in practice wanting to advance their clinical skills. It’s accredited CPD courses and multi resources include our innovative instructional videos in high definition, annotated visuals, templates, workbooks, informative lessons, downloadable PDFs, case studies, articles, quizzes and guided tasks.

All our in-person training and practical Masterclasses are supported by our online “Practical Training Hub” which provides additional videos and resources relevant to the “hands on” training.

K9HS Physiotherapy + Hydrotherapy, Bedingfield, Suffolk is our home base and we have 3 other registered satellite centres delivering our practical skills training: Active Balance, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK; Canine Clinic, Cork, Ireland and K9 Aqua Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand.

Our online K9 Therapy Hub and CPD courses are flexible, convenient and fit around your work and home commitments. There are no extra costs for travel, subsistence, course materials or worries about being away. Everything is at your fingertips to fit in with your life and empower you on your canine career journey. 


Meet Barbara Houlding

As the first UK accredited clinical educator in veterinary physiotherapy, I support canine practitioners world wide. 

I am passionate about finding solutions and providing exciting opportunities for clinical advancement and success in canine therapy. Whether experienced or new to working with dogs, our community supports a world wide group of like minded individuals who are dog focused! LINK – Barbara’s Story

“Make every therapeutic touch count and work with each dog and their consent!”

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