We provide training choices for therapists, to advance clinical skills and optimise the mobility of the dogs in their care.  

K9HS Courses empowers therapists along their career journey, with CPD and courses to achieve their goals. 

Barbara Houlding is proud to belong to these professional organisations

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Who we are

We are an elite team of passionate physiotherapists and specialist hydrotherapists, looking to make complex topics and training more accessible through online and in-person training.

Watching Blue Planet and listening to David Attenborough’s eloquent words, whilst seeing a sloth swim across the water to find his future mate in high-definition detail, inspired an incredible “a-ha” moment. How could we bring this immersive learning experience to canine physiotherapy and hydrotherapy?

The music, visuals and inspirational “story telling” took the watcher on a learning journey which was totally absorbing and gripping! We have evolved our course format to share clinical skills in a factual and heartfelt way. Whilst we are not David Attenborough or have a BBC budget, we produce learning opportunites specifically with you in mind. 

We’re a team of dog-loving humans behind the screen, bringing you an online experience unlike any you have taken before. Our K9 Therapy Hub and range of courses support your progression and clinical skill advancement, as your success is our goal.

What others are saying

“Barbara ran an exceptional workshop here in New Zealand for a group of our Veterinary Physiotherapists from NZAVPA (the New Zealand Animal and Veterinary Physiotherapy Association). She overflows with her anatomical, functional biomechanical and neuromotor knowledge, her vast wealth of experience and contagious enthusiasm whilst always making sure the animal’s welfare and best interest is at the centre of all that she does, whether that’s teaching or in her own practice.

We experienced some very positive and deeply emotionally charged connections and interactions with our demo dogs as Barbara taught us her canine Therapeutic Handling techniques. We hope she comes back to New Zealand again soon!”

Sarah Cruickshank, MScVetPhys, BHSc (Physiotherapy), MPNZ, ACPAT Cat A (Overseas), MCSP, HCPC, Chair NZAVPA, Director Vetphysio Ltd & VSA Physio, Principal Veterinary Physiotherapist.

benefits of Learning with K9HS Courses

We offer online courses and blended learning experiences to progress clinical skills and empower therapists to offer the very best service to the dogs in their professional care.

Online learning offers the flexibility of when to study and provides the freedom to learn anywhere, so career advancement has never been more convenient. Therapists can fit study around busy schedules, with no extra costs for travel, plus choose their own pace.

This supports a philosophy of improving canine services and promoting positive global interactions between therapists, all at affordable prices.

Our clinical hydrotherapy courses are practically enriched, integrating online theory to in-person practical training. This blended learning delivery personalises the experience and we have a maximum of 4 on each practical training.

K9HS Physiotherapy + Hydrotherapy, Bedingfield, Suffolk, UK is our home satellite centre and our 3 other satellites are: Active Balance, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK; Canine Clinic, Cork, Ireland and K9 Aqua Ltd, Auckland, NZ; for K9HS practical skills training.

Meet Barbara Houlding

As an accredited clinical educator, I help therapists progress their clinical skills. 

My vision is to support focused individuals and find solutions for their growth and success in canine healthcare. Whether new to this sector or an experienced therapist, K9HS empowers you to shape your canine career journey.

I believe in working with each dog and their consent, to improve their mobility and lives.”

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