K9 Therapy Hub

Certificated Bitesize CPD Courses to choose and explore.

An innovative Template Toolbox for you to download and use.

Extra canine resources in our Video Box and Articles + Journals.

A vibrant, sharing and friendly community with even more resources.


The K9 Therapy Hub is an immersive experience of individually certificate Bitesize CPD courses, a professional Templates Toolbox and a Video Box to meet all your needs. Integrated to our sharing inner community of dog centric folk!

Let me ask you a few questions…


  • Are you feeling pressure to deliver your canine service consistently and not sure WHY?
  • Do you need friendly support and mentoring to continue to progress your clinical skills?
  • Are you frustrated by the shortage of high quality certificated canine clinical CPD courses?
  • Are you struggling to find the time to study due to your workload, commitments and busy life?
  • Do you feel pressure to meet your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements?
  • Would you like to take a leap forward and advance your skills using the optimium strategies according to research, which identifies chunks of micro learning in Bitesize CPD courses?

Don’t worry! You’re not alone.

This is exactly why we created the

K9 Therapy Hub

The K9 Hub is really amazing!  K9HS has really outdone themselves creating a space of useful information related to dogs for canine professionals.

I love the “OneShot videos” demonstrating therapeutic techniques and appreciate the articles, containing pertinent scientific studies.

This helps me solidify my knowledge and grow my “clinical skill-set” so I can make a positive impact on the lives of my canine clients and their owners.

Amanda Jones

Pawsitive Flow, Ohio, USA

The K9 Hub is an excellent source of information for all canine therapists.

To be able to find so many exciting and varied topics in one place for your CPD requirements is so helpful.

It also makes it really easy to be able to refer back and find sound clinical reasoning and helpful clinical tips.

Being in touch with Barb through booked calls makes it feel like a real community! 

Karynne Penfold

K9 Aqua Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand

As a busy working clinician, it’s always challenging to find clinically relevant CPD courses that are flexible to access! The K9 Hub is just that! There is a vast amount of information available, but unlike many other CPD courses, it’s incredible value for money, plus presented in a dynamic and clinically relevant way.

The layout is very user friendly and I can genuinely say that it has had a positive impact on my clinical practice. I would highly recommend it to everyone!

Susanne Pender

Paws4Rehab, UK

In the K9 Therapy Hub you’ll find:

🐾 Certificated CPD courses on a range of canine topics for you to select and explore

🐾 Outstanding CPD activities to support your professional service development

🐾 Varied CPD study hours to meet your professional requirements and advance your skills

🐾 Categorised in Therapeutic Tracks: Breed Biology, Common Conditions, Functional Anatomy, Professionalism, Techniques + Tools, all from a therapist’s perspective.

🐾 Includes instructional technical videos, worksheets, quizzes, scripted lessons, downloadable PDFs, labelled diagrams, videos, useful links and articles


Members have a purpose built Template Toolbox which includes clinical forms, protocols, logs, business forms, report templates, procedural forms and CPD forms. The Toolbox is responsive to your feedback and updated regularly. Other resources include our engaging Video Box and expanding Journal + Articles.

 PLUS, you get unlimited access to our online inner community to share ideas and resources with like minded individuals, ask questions in a safe space, and have direct access to Barbara Houlding through booked calls.

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The K9 Therapy Hub includes CPD courses like:

Canine Anatomy CPD
K9 Therapy Hub
k9 therapy hub
k9hs therapy hub
k9hs therapy hub
k9hs therapy hub
k9hs therapy hub
k9hs therapy hub
k9hs therapy hub
k9hs therapy hub
k9hs therapy hub
k9hs therapy hub
k9hs therapy hub

and many more!

Course topics include series of linked CPD courses for assessment techniques, therapeutic clinical tools, functional anatomy series and so much more.

We explore canine rehabilitation, physiotherapy, aquatic and hydrotherapy, massage therapies, manual therapies, movement therapies, plus ethical and sustainable business management.


You get unlimited access to all the Bitesize CPD courses, Template Toolbox, Video Box, Articles + Journals section PLUS ongoing support in our inner community!

I cannot recommend this amazing Hub enough. Whilst we want to learn, refresh and obtain more information, it tends to be long days of cpd which include travel, time and cost, and not always suited to our learning style.

This Hub enables you to learn and refresh at your own speed and to delve deeper into the topics of your interest. It’s affordable and if you’re like me, being relaxed and comfy assists me to achieve an enriched learning pathway that relates to my clinical practice.

So, sign up, get comfy and be ready to learn from this amazing resource.

Amy Loveless

H2O Canine Therapy Ltd, Somerset, UK

The K9 Hub enables me to study and watch topics again. I am dyslexic and so find it necessary to learn and review topics. Being a member helps me to learn at my own speed. The videos and how the information is explained in each topic is easy to follow and understand. 

I also can contact Barbara if I am struggling or need support. Barbara always makes me feel relaxed and learning is easy. 

K9HS cares about helping me succeed and get the most out of my hydrotherapy knowledge and CPD.

Thank you Barbara, you are our canine hydro Guru!

Janette Slade

Canine Hydrotherapist

An animal massage colleague led me to K9HS and I am so glad. Once I viewed a couple of the bitesize canine anatomy webinars and was completely hooked. As someone of moderate experience in small animal massage, the resources are invaluable.

They are a quick and easy time commitment and presented in a wonderful manner. I now find myself thinking back to a video as I work with a dog (“a ha!” moments).

I know my more experienced colleagues enjoy the resources too – credit to Barbara and crew for making the materials so enticing and relevant, it’s two paws up from me!


Mutt Massage, BC, Canada

K9 Therapy Hub

Membership Options

You probably have some questions like:

Why did you create the K9 Therapy Hub?

We listened to feedback from therapists worldwide who are challenged to find canine CPD from a clinical perspective. As experienced solution makers, we devised our Bitesize Canine Anatomy series and published part of this on our K9HS YouTube channel. This led to an amazing reaction and we followed through to launch our successful Canine CPD Library to support working therapists.

Its been a natural pathway to revolutionise and evolve these, offering the complete CPD clinical experience through the K9 Therapy Hub, perfect for canine therapists. 

How is this different from other memberships?

We have integrated key professional elements into the site for our members. It’s tough to be at your best every moment in a clinical practice setting. We all need confidential opportunities to discuss cases, search for solutions, have access to trusted and experienced mentorship, as well as to be listened to. Our professional status and ethical choices linked to over 40 years of clinical experience is shared with our members by:

  • Unlimited access to our interactive private community, sharing ideas and resources with like minded therapists
  • Office hours booked for 1 to 1 professional discussions with canine specialist Barbara Houlding
  • Regular new course releases and launches
The site is accessible on all devices and you select the topic, set your pace and choose when and where you wish to study. This immersive and progressive method using relevant, species specific techniques and focused on a shared practice ethos you feel is right, is a rare find.  Our multiformat style includes customised built resources, webinar events, instructional videos, downloadable PDFs, referenced information, interesting articles presented in an easy to use and with unlimited access. This is integrated to our friendly and supportive community and a one to one personal approach with each member of our inner community.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to find my way around the K9 Therapy Hub?

Not at all! Our learning platform is extremely easy to navigate. If you have any issues you can always reach out to us via email or in our online community.

What if I join and it's not the right fit for me?

If, at any time, you don’t want to continue with your K9 Therapy Hub membership you can cancel at any time before your next renewal.

How do I join?

It’s easy! Just CLICK HERE to view the membership options and click on the membership option that’s right for you. You’ll be taken to the checkout where you’ll create your account and enter your credit card information to pay, then voila! You’ll have access to everything in the K9 Therapy Hub.

Meet Barbara Houlding

As an accredited clinical educator, I help canine practitioners advance their skills and practice. 

My vision is to positively support and mentor dog focused individuals. I am passionate about providing you with exciting opportunities for growth and success in your canine practice. Whether you’re experienced or new to this industry, our online hub and community consists of like minded individuals who are all about the dog! 

I believe in working with each dog and their consent, using clinical reasoning to develop individual plans to improve their mobility and live their best lives.”

K9 Therapy Hub

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