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Institute of Registered Veterinary & Animal Physiotherapists – irvap.org.uk

IRVAP is a Professional Association representing a dynamic community of qualified professionals and is now the largest in the UK representing animal musculoskeletal therapists, including veterinary physiotherapists, animal therapists, canine and equine hydrotherapists.

This astonishing exponential growth in the last few years is linked to IRVAP’s ethical belief that as a “not for profit” organisation, it’s ongoing commitment is to actively invest in both it’s growing membership and the industry.

IRVAP is dedicated to raising standards and advancing animal therapy, which encompasses providing an inclusive conference with heavily discounted fees for its members and other professionals.

The IRVAP ConferenceAnimal Therapy for the Future on Friday 27th October 2023, held near Hinckley, Leicestershire, was nothing short of spectacular! It was a brilliant celebration of great camaraderie, idea-sharing and exceptional CPD presentations (Continuing Professional Development) delivered by industry leaders.

I am honoured to be the current Chair of the IRVAP Council and truly delighted to work with such a fantastic team of individuals. These Council Officers all work voluntary hours for IRVAP around their own services and personal life, bringing a positive energy and exciting team dynamics to their different Council roles. This actively promotes a culture of collaboration, innovation, and adaptability in finding solutions to systems of practice and delivering an exceptional service for the members.

So a little more about this particular Professional Association – its membership holds a shared belief that every animal deserves the best available treatment and that their owners are fully supported and informed.

IRVAP promotes safe and effective practice in all aspects of animal therapy. It has a diverse membership with different categories, which includes a free student membership category. This is part of IRVAP’s long term commitment to education and it’s member’s successful career development.

IRVAP actively supports and collaborates with professional bodies that lobby for regulation in the animal therapy industry. The need for regulation is more prevalent than ever and the lack of regulation and insufficient training providers, make it a challenging task for referring vets, insurers, owners and trainers to identify safe, ethical and successful practitioners.

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IRVAP celebrates its diversity, upholds animal-focused ethics and is committed to providing inclusive opportunities to progress and advance member’s skills and expertise. It provides free CPD for its members on the IRVAP Members Only website, up to date resources and offers an outstanding Mentor and Support service to all of its members, as well as an inclusive Student Hub open to all students.

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The 2023 Conference was a truly defining moment for IRVAP and it’s Council. The demand for tickets was so high, they sold out within an impressive three weeks of their release, prior to the publication of the prospective Conference Proceedings! This underscores the trust and confidence of professionals across the industry by their eagerness to participate in this enriching event. The few rare resale tickets went instantly!

What makes a success? Wonderful feedback, a call for more, sold out ticket sales, plus a superb venue! The conference offered a space for valuable professional development, as well as great food and refreshments throughout the day. This added an extra layer of comfort and enjoyment to the overall experience.

The success of the IRVAP Conference can be attributed not only to the outstanding lectures but also to the sense of community and shared passion among attendees. This event was a testament to the importance of fostering connections within the therapy community and creating an enriched and positive environment that nurtures both professional growth and personal connections.

As the echoes of friendly conversations and shared insights linger, the IRVAP conference sets a shining example of what can be achieved when like-minded professionals gather to celebrate their knowledge and skills, plus invest in their continuous learning journey.

Here’s to the success of the 2023 event and the positive impact it undoubtedly had on the careers of those who participated.

Looking forward to the 2024 IRVAP Conference next October. There will be so many exciting opportunities for you to participate in – don’t miss out!

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