All course cancellations must be submitted in writing to K9HS Courses. The course fee is non-refundable and if a course is partially attended the full course fee is also non-refundable. For avoidance of doubt the course is deemed to have started once you log in using your username and password for the first time.

For avoidance of doubt Practical Training course days and Practical Masterclass days are covered under this cancellation policy. Once the dates are confirmed by email and the registrant has secured their booked place with payment, K9HS Courses requires a minimum of 35 days notice for any cancellation or re-scheduling.

We work hard to keep costs low for our registrants. To help us do this, we require minimum numbers on courses to be met. Where minimum numbers have not been met, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule courses. A general assumption is that we will reschedule a course if it does not meet 75% capacity two weeks before the course is due to run. However this will be at the discretion of the satellite training centre. Where we cancel a practical course and you have paid to attend, we will issue a full refund of the Module 2 fee. You will be given the opportunity to book another practical course place.

If the clinical educator is taken ill, we reserve the right to cancel up to the day before the course commences and a full refund of the course fees will be provided with our apologies. You will be given the opportunity  to book another practical course place.

During adverse weather conditions we know it can sometimes be difficult for registrants to travel to training courses. During adverse weather conditions, we regularly check for weather updates. If the weather forecast indicates registrants will have difficulty either getting to the venue or getting home again, or it is not appropriate to deliver the course, we will make a decision whether to cancel the course, or amend start / finish times. Should the course be cancelled by us we will reschedule the course.

If the course runs, but you choose not to attend because of the weather, this will be your own responsibility and you will be charged the full Module 2 fee for non-attendance.

Course registrants may choose to reschedule their practical training course  maximum of one time, with a minimum notice of 35 days. If K9HS Courses is able to fill your place, we will honour a full refund minus a £100 processing fee.

If we are not able to fill your place for a cancellation or repeat reschedule occurring within the 35-day window, you will be required to pay 75% of the full fee.

Any rescheduling beyond the first reschedule will incur a fee of £300 per reschedule (regardless of whether or not it is with 35 days notice).

The logistics of planning these in-person Module 2 training days require us to set aside the location, clinical educators time and clinic support staff. When cancellations or reschedules happen at the last minute they can negatively impact the delivery. This is why we need to maintain rigid cancellation policies to ensure we can deliver the best quality experience and honour our course registrants time.