NEW K9HS Bitesize Resource Library is here! 

We’ve built 5 integrated Canine Bitesize Resource Hubs which explore everything about dogs from a clinical perspective, creating one unique open-style canine library. This provides you with great choices and guarantees you 6 approved CPD hours per month, with no upper limit.

We pledge to grow your community library by adding something new fortnightly.

Our multi-format CPD includes a wide variety of video series, private live events, webinar replays, informative visuals and facts, video links, clinical tips, articles, clinical tools and downloadable PDFs. We also offer our NEW “OneShot Inside K9HS” videos; a one-take of the topic or technique covered to ensure you see the full canine therapy story in real time!

We understand the challenges of finding approved canine CPD and our innovative Bitesize Resource Library is perfect to fit around your work and home commitments, with no travel, accommodation or hidden costs. 

Library Members September Events + Publications: Breed Biology Hub: German Shepherd Dog; Canine Anatomy Hub: Additional OneShot Videos + Exploring the Sacroiliac Joint; Clinical Techniques Hub: Therapeutic Palpation; Canine Conditions Hub: Hip Dysplasia, Articles + Terminology Hub: Reviewing Literature Appraisal Skills.

The next exclusive live library webinar is: Exploring the Canine Sacroiliac Joint; Sun 27/9/2020 @ 7pm BST and available on replay in the Canine Anatomy Hub afterwards.

Join Us

Due to COVID-19 we have launched the Bitesize Library at a discounted fee for 2020 and pledge free certification for as many CPD hours as you choose to complete!

 Discounted Membership for 2020:

3 months with access to all 5 Hubs, live events, replays and videos £59.97

12 months with access to all 5 Hub, live events, replays and videos £179.97

Approved CPD by the Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists (IRVAP) and its subgroup the Institute of Canine Hydrotherapists (ICH). 

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