Canine CPD Resource Library 2021  

We’ve designed a unique open-style canine CPD library interlinking five Resource Hubs which explore everything about dogs from a clinical perspective. This provides you with amazing choices and you can claim your free CPD certificates for the hours you choose to study, with no upper limit. You can access the Library on any device and can “pop in” to review a single resource or login for planned structured study to progress your clinical skills and advance your practice. 

We pledge to grow your community library by adding a new resource fortnightly.

The Library currently offers you a choice of 78 hours of accredited Canine CPD with free certification for each resource. Our multi-format CPD includes; clinical scripted information, instructional videos, private live events, webinar replays, informative visuals, techniques linked to scientific facts, video links, clinical tips, articles, clinical tools and downloadable PDFs.

We understand the challenges of finding high quality canine CPD relevant to current clinical practice and our innovative canine community library is perfect to fit around your work and home commitments, with no travel, accommodation or hidden costs. 

Library Publications for January 2021: Breed Biology Hub: The Working Cocker Spaniel from a clinical perspective; Canine Anatomy Hub: Canine Fascia for therapists; Clinical Techniques Hub: Communication Skills & MDT; Canine Conditions Hub: Diabetes Mellitus and its impact on your therapy sessions; Articles + Terminology Hub: Literature Appraisal Skills.

We are thrilled to see our K9HS Canine CPD Library selected as a “stand out case study” for MemberSpace! Check out this link: CLICK HERE.

 Discounted Membership for 2021:

3 months with access to all 5 Hubs, live events, replays and videos £59.97

12 months with access to all 5 Hub, live events, replays and videos £179.97

Accredited and approved canine CPD by the Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists (IRVAP) and its subgroup the Institute of Canine Hydrotherapists (ICH). 

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“The K9HS Bitesize Resource Library is amazing! Barbara and team have really outdone themselves creating an organized collection of detailed, useful information related to dogs for canine professionals.

I love the “OneShot videos” that demonstrate therapeutic palpation techniques and appreciate the article hub, which contains pertinent scientific studies and reading lists.

These resources are helping me solidify my knowledge and grow my “clinical skillset” so I can make a positive impact in the lives of my canine clients and their owners.”

– Amanda Jones, Pawsitive Flow, Ohio, USA

“The K9HS Resource Library is an excellent source of information for all hydrotherapists and canine therapists.

To be able to find so much exciting and varied topics in one place for your CPD requirements is so helpful.

It also makes it so easy to be able to refer back and find sound clinical reasoning and helpful clinical tips.”

– Karynne Penfold, K9 Aqua Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand

“As a busy working clinician, it’s always challenging to find professional development resources that are clinically relevant and flexible to access! The K9HS Bitesize Resource Library is just that: a “one stop reference shop” where you can go for 10 minutes or 2 hours and come away having either learnt something new, or been prompted to reflect and challenge your own clinical approaches.

There is a vast amount of information available from in-depth anatomy, to canine conditions and breed biology, but unlike many other CPD courses, it’s also incredible value for money and is presented in a dynamic and clinically relevant way. This includes a whole section on Therapeutic Handling techniques and canine behaviours. The theory is also supported with lots of videos and links to research papers as well as further recommended reading. This format not only allows you to go back and review the information, but helps direct you to further enhance your own learning experience. On top of all that every library member can influence what topic is added fortnightly by making suggestions of what they would like to learn more about!

The layout is clear and very user friendly (I access it a lot “on the go” from my phone!) and I can genuinely say that it has already had a positive impact on my clinical practice. I would highly recommend it to anyone!”

– Susanne Pender Paws4Rehab, UK
Chartered Physiotherapist, Veterinary Physiotherapist & Advanced Canine Hydrotherapist

“I cannot recommend this amazing resource library enough, whilst we want to learn, refresh, obtain more information it tends to be long days of cpd which include travel and time and cost, and not always suited to our learning style.

This library enables you to learn and refresh at your own speed and to delve deeper into the subjects of your interest, furthermore its affordable and if your like me, being relaxed and comfy assists me to achieve an enriched learning pathway that relates to my clinical practice.

So, sign up, get comfy and be ready to learn from this amazing resource”

– Amy Loveless Advanced Canine Hydrotherapist H2O Canine Therapy Ltd, Somerset, UK